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Hi Girls! This article is not only for our brides-to-be, but for all those of you who have a packed social calendar, many functions to attend and the perpetual feeling that you don't have enough clothes! Given the crisis that has befallen right now and the need to be as ethical in our fashion choices as possible, all of us want to be environment and cost conscious. On a personal note, I've been married for over 2 years and I'm always attending social gatherings and weddings. I completely get the feeling of wanting a fuller Indian wardrobe but not breaking the bank for achieving the same! We all want to be impeccably dressed, try not to repeat clothes (at least...

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Planning the trousseau is overwhelming because there is so much out there, you want to make sure that you get the best of everything! Here's where we come in.. With our team of personal stylists and designers, we guide you through this process to make sure that your trousseau is all encompassing! 1. Profile analysis- We strongly believe that one should wear whatever they feel confident in! That being said, learning certain aspects of styling yourself will empower you to be impeccably dressed, always. That's where we come in.  We analyse your body shape, face structure, lifestyle, etc. and facilitate a detailed study based on them. After doing our analysis, we give you details on what silhouettes look great on you and what you can experiment with....

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With the onset of social media and an overdose of information on weddings and fashion, it can often be overwhelming to pick out the right pieces for your trousseau. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast who knows all the designers you want to shop from or you're a professional who's not too keen on following the latest trends, understanding a few things before getting overwhelmed is the key to planning your trousseau wisely. Here's my take as a designer, stylist and a newly wed whose alternate profession is attending weddings!

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