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Fabric and color details

10 COLORS- 4000+ combinations! ALL ABOUT STRUCTURE is available in 10 colors. With 15 core pieces and 27 essences, choose from over 400 options per color.  The fabric used for this collection has a composition of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. It stretches from both sides and takes the shape of the body when the design is form fitting. The fabric is thick and holds structure while simultaneously being soft, breathable and crease resistant. It is best to roll it up and store it to avoid folds. Stick to a monochromatic Core+Essence look or play around and start color-blocking with your favorite combinations! Royal Blue   French Rose  Cyan    Plum  Canary  Navy  Blush  Deep Red 

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Choose your Base: FLAUNT/HIDE

To begin with, we have designed each of the bases keeping all possible body types in mind. We tend to dress differently depending on the occasion, our mood and also on our body type. Whether you've been working out and want to show off those abs or you've been indulgent and want to hide the vacation flab, we've got you covered! (Pun intended)  FLAUNT: ABS Choose between Clio (set of a crop and mermaid skirt) and Athena (set of a crop and tailored pants) for a monochromatic look emphasising the bare stomach. Go for Brizo (only the crop) if you want to mix it up and style it with your favorite shorts, skirts or even ethnic lehengas.  Style the crop with any...

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