Customising Bridesmaid Outfits - the Ozeqo way!

Customising Bridesmaid Outfits - the Ozeqo way!

Have a best friend's wedding coming up and want to surprise her at her bridal shower/bachelorette? Just got engaged and want to indulge your bridesmaids in some dolling up? 

Whether you're looking at formal gowns or desi lehengas, we've got you covered! Here's how we, at Ozeqo, ideate and execute the perfect bridesmaid looks.

1. Conceptualization

This is where we decide on the look and feel of the overall picture considering the location, season, decor, the bride's outfit, photo-ops, color scheme, theme, etc.

You can either share the above factors with us so that we can respond with our suggestions, or you can send us references of what you like and we can build it up from there.

We create a mood board based on the initial concept so that everyone gets clarity about the vision.

2. Budget

We always ensure that the budget is communicated to us from the beginning, so as to alter our suggestions accordingly. 

If the gowns are similarly designed, we allocate an average price around which we want all the outfits to be accomodated within. If the gowns are to be made as per each bridesmaid's taste and preference, we allocate a separate budget for each bridesmaid's gown individually.

(Above) Example of a client with a uniform budget for each

There is an explicit variation in the patterns but the gowns are created from the same fabric to maintain uniformity.

For the above bridesmaids, we first ensured that everybody was comfortable with the fabric and zeroed in on the color. The final outfits were then designed on the basis of the one-on-ones we had with each one of them, taking into consideration their preferences and their body types. 

This works well when there is limited time available, since the only individual decisions to be made are on the structure of the garments. 

(Above) Example of a client with an individual budget

This works well when all bridesmaids opt for different, but cohesive patterns, silhouettes and fabrics.

For the above, we chose different fabrics based on the structure of each garment, while trying to keep the color palette uniform. The bridesmaids had more room to experiment with their outfits since only the color palette was to be maintained. To make them look even more cohesive, we added detachable elements like ruffles, and even fringes on a couple of them. 


3. Deciding the design

Factoring in the concepts and the budget, we suggest the colors and fabrics, scope of hand embellishments, design and patterns, silhouettes, etc.

Pricing factors while designing-

  • Fabrics used
  • Scope of hand embellishments 
  • Pattern of the garment

We give you prices for different designs so that you have a variety of options to choose from. In case the designs you like go over-budget, we do come up with ways to tweak the designs to accomodate them within the budget.

4. One-on-one with the bridesmaids

Once the budget and designs are finalised, we do a one-on-one session with each bridesmaid over Whatsapp or in person (only in Mumbai).

  • We note your customisations/preferences & what you like to accentuate or conceal.
  • We give you suggestions based on your height and body-type so as to make the design you've chosen more flattering on you.
  • We design detachable elements for you so that you can re-wear the gown differently in future. This is our brand's USP!
  • We send a measurement chart to you based on the above.

For example, our bridesmaid wanted to go with a baby doll silhouette but also wanted future wearability. Considering the overall OTT vibe and her wishes, we gave her detachable frills.

Style tip: Keeping her body shape in mind, we gave her a cut just under the bust to accentuate the slimmest point and kept the length complimentary to creating a vertical illusion to make her appear taller. She styled it with nude shoes to underline the linear look.

5. Production

In case of hand embroidery, we first send swatches of the embroidery for approval via photos and videos and incorporate the necessary changes. Once the embroidery is completed, we send you videos of the same before moving on to cutting and sewing.


We send images of the work-in-progress once it is draped or created on the mannequin. Once you give a go ahead, we finalise it and send you pictures of your finished garments on the mannequin before shipping.

6. Shipping

For our clients in Mumbai, trials take place at the atelier.

For our clients based out of Mumbai, we ship the garments out once they've been approved.

7. Payments

We take a 50% advance before starting production and the balance 50% after approvals, before shipping.

The shipping costs are charged as per actuals for orders out of India. You can either opt for a pickup from Mumbai or we intimate the shipping cost to you provided by our logistics partners. 

You can process the payment through our website where a custom code will be generated for you or you can pay us via bank transfer. All major credit and debit cards, UPIs and mobile wallets are accepted on our website.


We hope that the above information has answered your queries and given you an insight into our process. For any feedback/enquiries/orders, feel free to get in touch with us via Whatsapp on +919833281519 or via our Instagram handle @ozeqo! 

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